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Picture frames are wonderful gifts for all occasions. They keep memories close to our hearts by celebrating weddings, birthdays, friendships, vacations, children, couples, and families.

picture-frame-drawing-of-dog-thoughtful-gift-ideaThere are five of us girls who have been BFFs for close to 40 years. We still enjoy celebrating each other’s birthdays when we are together.

This year we decided to give three yellow (her favorite color) picture frames to Linda. We brainstormed what pictures to place in the frames.picture-frame-drawing-dolphin-thoughtful-gift-idea

1) Charlie, her faithful companion.

2) A picture of a swimming dolphin from one of her vacations.

3) Of course, a picture of us five girls together.


Top-Karen & Elise. Middle-Linda. Bottom-Darlene & Janiece

The only problem – we didn’t have any of those pictures to insert into the frames.

Next best thing?? We DREW the pictures and inserted them in the frames. Our idea was that she would replace the drawings with real pictures later.

Have you ever given a gift that turned out differently than you expected?

Would you believe it? Linda loved the 3rd grade-looking artwork we had drawn!

With each picture frame she unwrapped, we laughed hysterically at our terrible drawings. The dog picture looked like it had a pig’s nose. Linda couldn’t decide which way was right side up for the dolphin.


Can you match up the girls to the drawing?

I’ll admit, I drew the pictures of us five girls beginning with me with the red hair and red lipstick. It looked like I was mad or something and the more I worked on it, it never showed any improvement!

I blame it on the fact we only had four colors to work with… That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Linda thought it was such a funny gift so she decided she would keep it exactly the way it was given.

We were completely surprised she wanted to keep the impromptu creative artwork in each picture frame, and we all had no idea we would laugh so much over each picture. The experience added another wonderful memory of our friendship!

It doesn’t matter if it contains less than perfect artwork or professionally taken photographs, picture frames, what I consider the keeper of memories, are absolutely one of the easiest and best gifts around!

Our inside jokes – too many to name. When we’re apart it’s never the same. When we’re together it’s nothing but fun. Replacing my girls just can’t be done.  – Unknown

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