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Whiskey and Coke – one of the world’s most popular cocktails.

whiskey-coke-tower-gift-for-himWhether he likes his drink made with Jack Daniels (Tennessee whiskey), Maker’s Mark (bourbon) or Jameson (Irish whiskey) or some other brand, you can make a Whiskey & Coke Tower using his favorite brand of liquor.

(If I were to make one of these for myself, it would be a Rum & Coke Tower using a bottle of Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum!)

The Whiskey & Coke Tower pairs together his favorite bottle of whiskey with cans of Coke for a stunning presentation. It makes a great centerpiece for a bachelor party or birthday party, and it’s not hard to make.


  • his favorite bottle of whiskey or bourbon
  • 12 oz. Coke cans
  • 7.5 oz. Coke cans
  • other cans as needed for the center
  • packing tape
  • ribbons for decorating
  • aluminum foil


The main supplies you will need. Just add what you will use for decoration.


1) The number of Coke cans you use will depend on the size of the bottle of alcohol. Build a temporary tower using the 12 oz. Coke cans for the bottom layer and the 7.5 oz. Coke cans for the second layer. Make sure the Coke cans are touching each other.

You will need something in the middle of the two layers of Coke to prop up the bottle of alcohol. You’ll need to try different sizes of cans to see what works best. For the size and height of Maker’s Mark, I ended up stacking a 20 oz. can of pineapple and an 11 oz. can of mandarin oranges. I placed the bottle of Marker’s Mark on top of the can of mandarin oranges to become the third and highest layer of the tower.


The middle of my tower is made up of a large can of pineapple and a small can of mandarin oranges.

2) Once you’ve created your temporary tower, take everything off except for the bottom layer of 12 oz. Coke cans. Measure the diameter of the circle – the number of inches all the way across. Cut out a circle with the same size size diameter from a piece of flat cardboard. You will use this as the base of the tower. Cover the cardboard circle with aluminum foil to make it pretty.

3) Now it’s time to create the final Whiskey & Coke Tower you will give as a gift. Place your bottom layer of 12 oz. Coke cans on top of the aluminum circle. Use packing tape on the inside of the circle to tape together the cans of Coke. Make sure the cans are taped securely so they won’t shift or fall over.


Tape the cans securely together on the inside using packing tape.

4) Place your circle of 7.5 oz. Coke cans on top of the circle of 12 oz. Coke cans. Tape those cans securely together using packing tape same as before.

Tip: Taping the cans together will also make your tower easy to disassemble for transport. That way the bottom layer of Coke cans become one piece and the second layer of Coke cans becomes another piece. The can of pineapple, the can of mandarin oranges, and the bottle of Maker’s Mark can easily be removed from the center and stacked back up again.

5) Now  it’s time to decorate your Whiskey & Coke Tower to make it look like a cake. I decorated mine by taping 5/8 in. mustache decorated ribbon on top of 1.5 in. jute ribbon to give it a manly look.

6) Your finished Whiskey & Coke Tower will be very heavy so I carefully moved my aluminum circle on to a silver charger plate to give the base layer more support. Instead of a charger plate, you could also use a cake platter which would give your tower additional height.

Tip: Disassemble your tower like I mentioned above before moving it because it is very heavy.


This one-of-a-kind gift for him is also perfect for Father’s Day!

Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.  – Mark Twain

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