Herb Garden Marker Signs

It’s quite rewarding to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs and to cook with and eat something that you planted, grew and harvested yourself.

herb-garden-markers-signs-plant-lables-giftWhen my boss started an herb garden in her backyard. She talked excitedly about how fast they grew, which ones were multiplying like crazy, and which ones were ready to be eaten.

Sometimes she had way more than she could use so she brought them to the office to share with us.

It was fun to hear about her adventures in gardening and made me interested in growing my own herbs too.

When her birthday came around, I decided to give her something for her new hobby. I gave her a set of Herb Garden Marker Signs so she could clearly label the herbs in her backyard.

Through listening and asking questions, I learned the names of the herbs she planted so I could make sure I ordered signs for all of her herbs.

Instead of wrapping her gift, I placed the herb marker garden signs in a plastic watering can for a more unique presentation.

Some of the most common herbs grown are basil, rosemary, oregano, dill, mint, thyme, sage, chives, parsley and cilantro.

Herb Garden Marker Signs come in all styles, shapes, sizes, colors and material. You can find a great selection on Amazon.com and Ebay.com to match anyone’s taste and personality!

Herbs deserve to be used much more liberally.  – Yotam Ottolenghi

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