Graduation Gift for Your Parents

Graduation is all about the graduate. The celebrations, gifts and parties. Yet, we all know the graduate didn’t arrive at graduation without lots of support.


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Graduates, this post is for you.

You will receive accolades, compliments, praise, and many gifts. But have you thought about gifts for the people who helped you along the way?

This is the time to “pay back” those who have seen you through to your graduation such as your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings and teachers.

Want to know what is the best graduation gift that is so simple and will forever be a keepsake? A heartfelt letter of appreciation.

To present your handwritten letter of appreciation as a gift, place it in a picture frame where it can easily be seen.

Here’s an example to help you get started. Be sure to add your own memories to give it that personal touch.

Dear Mom and Dad,

We finally made it! Yes, “WE” did. You were with me every step of the way.  It wasn’t easy and I know my walk across the stage would not have happened without your love, encouragement and support.

I may have earned my degree, but it does not compare to the many life lessons I’ve learned from you.

My future is exciting and full of promise because of your sacrifices for me, and I want you to know I will be forever grateful.

I love you!

Your 2016 Graduate

A heartfelt letter like this (but I’m sure yours will be even better!) will make your parents cry and make their hearts full.

Besides parents, it’s thoughtful to remember everyone who has helped you along the way with words of appreciation.

I’ve forgot you not: Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  – Unknown

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  1. Hey Darlene,
    I appreciate your thoughts and really inspired that through our whole journey from beginning to Graduation there are huge contribution of our parents and teacher and we should never forget their contribute. Thanks for sharing such a lovely gift idea for them.

    • Queen Darlene

      Appreciate your comment! It’s true with graduation as with our journey through life, it’s rare that we do it alone. There is not a better gift than to say thank you!

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