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  • Elephant & Piggie Books

    Elephant & Piggie Books

    When my son, Aiden, turned either one or two years old, he received Elephant & Piggie books for his birthday. Before then, I had never heard of Elephant, Piggie or their author and illustrator–Mo Willems. Well, Mo Willems is a children’s book genius and his books contain a unique style! It wasn’t long before I […]

  • Funny Books for Parents With a Sense of Humor

    Funny Books for Parents With a Sense of Humor

    I’m a parent with a twisted sense of humor, and I’m not the only one. I think it’s actually healthy because I’m able to laugh at things that normally would drive someone crazy! A sense of humor (twisted or not) will get you through the highlights and pitfalls of parenthood. For example, I have a […]

  • My First Library | Baby Shower Gift

    My First Library | Baby Shower Gift

    We all have our favorite childhood books or the ones we enjoyed reading aloud to our own children. If you’re like me, you love certain titles so much you want other children to read them and fall in love with them too! When thinking about what to give my best friend for her baby shower […]

  • Star Wars Little Golden Books for Young Fans

    Star Wars Little Golden Books for Young Fans

    I didn’t mean to introduce my son to Star Wars at the age of three – but it happened anyway. My husband and I were rewatching the original trilogy at home before watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the movie theater. We had put our son, Aiden, to bed an hour before, and all […]

  • Unique & Awesome Museum Gifts

    Unique & Awesome Museum Gifts

    Ever wonder where you can go to find unique and awesome gifts? Try a museum gift shop. Don’t have a local museum? No worries! Shop online from many of the world’s most famous museums like The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or The Louvre in Paris. Discover hundreds of unique gifts and art reproductions, including […]