“Here’s Some Dough!” Pizza Box Money Gift

College students and pizza go together like movies and popcorn. Sing with me now. “This I tell you brother. You can’t have one without the other.”


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What factors have caused this magnetic match?

#1 – It tastes amazing. Even plain cheese pizza is heavenly, and it just gets better from there. Pepperoni. Supreme. Meat Lovers.  Oh, sweet Jesus!

#2 – It’s dirt cheap and sometimes free. I remember getting so much free pizza in college because most student organizations used it to lure people to their meetings.

#3 – It’s the ultimate convenience food. No plates or utensils necessary. Napkins optional.

#4 – It can be delivered. Just think of all the times pizza deliveries have saved college students from starvation when they’re either too drunk, too lazy, or don’t have a car to get food.

#5 – It even tastes good cold. Pizza for breakfast, anyone?

But no matter how much college students love their warm, gooey pizza, they can’t survive without cold, hard cash.

Money is by far the #1 request for gifts by graduates so give it to them. College is expensive! Ditch the envelope though, and get creative.

Give them a “Here’s some dough!” Pizza Box Money Gift for a present they’ll never forget! It’s easy peasy to put together with a few simple items, and it creates that “WOW!” factor!


Here are the items you will need:


  • Brand-new pizza box ( I used a medium size box)
  • Cardboard
  • Wrapping paper
  • Bills and quarters (iron wrinkled bills to make them crisp and pretty)
  • Red sheet of paper
  • Glue dots and tape
  • Sign that reads “You can’t live on pizza alone, so here’s some dough!”


  1. Cut out a large circle from the cardboard that will fit inside the bottom of the pizza box
  2. Wrap the circle cardboard with wrapping paper
  3. Arrange the cash in a circle on top of the wrapped cardboard and secure a few of them with glue dots so the whole thing doesn’t slide around. TIP: It keeps it looking neat if your keep one corner of the bills together.pizza-box-money-thoughtful-graduation-gift
  4. Cut out circles from the red sheet of paper to resemble pepperoni slices
  5. Attach the red circles to the cash with glue dots. TIP: Put one red circle in the center to cover the corners of the bills.
  6. Attach quarters to the center of the red circles with glue dots
  7. Attach the cardboard with the money pizza to the inside of the pizza box with tape
  8. Decorate the inside of the pizza box lid with wrapping paper
  9. Attach the sign to the wrapping paper


Opening an ordinary pizza box to discover the money pizza inside will thrill and surprise the high school graduate because you’ve combined two of their favorite things!


Besides graduation gifts, the “Here’s some dough!” Pizza Box Money Gift also works well as birthday or Christmas gifts for kids and teenagers.

Here is a girlie money pizza Queen Darlene made:


And I don’t cook either. Not as long as they still deliver pizza.  – Tiger Woods

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  1. Great idea! But instead of using colored paper I googled pizza in images and cut out the real looking pepperoni.

    • Probably too late for you, but the large photo uses 24 – $1, 5 – $5, and 7 – $0.25.
      The total = $50.75

      You can alter the amounts by spacing the bills closer or farther, changing the denominations to all $1, or all $5. Bills. Using 24 – $5 + 7 $0.25 = $146.75

      I LOVE this idea! I wrapped charger plates in a (new) pizza box this year, we’ll do this for next year. Thank you Queen Darlene and Princess Diana!

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