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  • Pick-Your-Own Farm Experience

    Pick-Your-Own Farm Experience

    What’s even better than a farmer’s market for fresh produce and a fresh experience? Pick-your-own farms! You’ll get the freshest, most flavorful fruits and vegetables for less money. Even better, it’s a memorable and delicious way to spend time with friends and loved ones. My husband and I took our toddler son to pick blackberries […]

  • Personalized Beach Towels

    Personalized Beach Towels

    Some childhood gifts are so good you will still use them as an adult. In grade school, I received a pink beach towel with my name embroidered on it from my aunt and uncle. Each time I went to the public swimming pool, I enjoyed laying out my personalized beach towel happy with the thought […]

  • Teacher Appreciation Beach Bag Gift Set

    Teacher Appreciation Beach Bag Gift Set

    Just like children, teachers look forward to summer and relaxing by the pool or at the beach! Help them get ready for some me time with this Beach Bag Teacher Appreciation Gift. It’s easy peasy to put together, looks great, and includes stuff they’ll actually use! BEACH BAG GIFT SET To get started, purchase a […]

  • Give the Life-Changing Gift of a Summer Camp Experience

    Give the Life-Changing Gift of a Summer Camp Experience

    Every kid who goes to summer camp always comes back with stories to tell. At summer camp you do things you never get to do at home or at school, and it feels like one big slumber party at night! Everyone makes new friends and bonds from doing all sorts of fun activities together. I […]