Teacher Appreciation Beach Bag Gift Set

Just like children, teachers look forward to summer and relaxing by the pool or at the beach!


Help them get ready for some me time with this Beach Bag Teacher Appreciation Gift.

It’s easy peasy to put together, looks great, and includes stuff they’ll actually use!


To get started, purchase a beach bag and fill it with items for having fun under the sun such as:

  • beach towel
  • sunscreen
  • beach or pool toys
  • sun hat
  • bikini/swimsuit wet bag
  • magazines
  • lip balm
  • bug spray
  • snacks
  • candy
  • drinks
  • bottled water

beach-bag-teacher-appreciation-gift-setThey’ll love having their very own summer relaxation kit!

For a “thoughtful twist,” include a card or gift tag that says the following:

School is out
Summer is here
Thanks for all you’ve
Done all year!

Also, have your child include a handwritten note expressing their appreciation or how much they will miss their teacher.

You can give this Beach Bag Gift Set during Teacher Appreciation Week which is always the first week in May or during the last week of school.

B.E.A.C.H. = Best Escape Anyone Can Have

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