Bluapple Keeps Produce Fresher 3X Longer

Wish I could have saved all the money wasted on throwing out my fruits and vegetables that went bad before I could eat them. I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.

bluapple-keeps-fruits-and-vegetables-fresh-thoughtful-gift-ideaBluapple is here to “save the day” or should I say “weeks” of extending the life of your produce.

This amazing product absorbs ethylene gas that causes produce to over ripen.

I remember hearing something about ethylene gas in my high school science class. I probably thought it was something I would never need to know. Was I wrong!

The Bluapple is easy peasy to use. Just place the golf ball size Blueapple in your Crisper to keep your fruits and vegetables fresher three times longer!

Each Bluapple container holds a packet that absorbs ethylene gas. After three months, open the Bluapple and replace the old packet with a new one. The packets are organic and you can recycle them by throwing them in your garden or flower beds.

You’ve heard the saying “you’ve got to spend money to save money.” Well… the Bluapple One-Year Combo Pack on is only $14.99. What a deal!

Since I’ve started using this amazing kitchen product, I’m eating better and saving about $200 a year by literally not throwing my money and food in the trash.

The Bluapple is a money-saving gift for anyone who eats fruits and vegetables. I love gifts that almost anyone can use!

People would eat more fresh fruits and vegetables if it smelled like bacon.

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