Inflatable Solar Powered Lanterns

My inflatable solar powered lanterns give better light than my battery operated ones. And they’re not even expensive.

inflatable-solar-powered-lanterns-giftA friend brought hers on a camping canoe trip, and I wanted my own immediately. I now own two!

Eco-Friendly Design

During the day, my friend carried it on the outside of her pack to let it absorb solar energy, and at night she used it to light up our entire tent. When fully charged, it shines for up to 12 hours.

I also like to go backpacking, and all of my gear needs to be lightweight. These are perfect!

These inflatable solar powered lanterns weigh 4 oz. and don’t take up any room because they have a collapsible design.

They also work well for backyard or patio lighting because they are waterproof!

Place several out on tables or hang them up. If you have a swimming pool, let them float to create a cool lighting effect.

Thoughtful Gift Idea

Inflatable solar powered lanterns make a thoughtful gift for someone who spends time outdoors in the evening or who likes to go green and use items that are environmentally friendly.

They come in clear, frosted, multi-colors, and color-changing.

Tip: When traveling, charge it by placing on your vehicle’s front or back dashboard. It will be ready to use at the end of the day.

The costs of solar energy will never rise.

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