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  • Inflatable Solar Powered Lanterns

    Inflatable Solar Powered Lanterns

    My inflatable solar powered lanterns give better light than my battery operated ones. And they’re not even expensive. A friend brought hers on a camping canoe trip, and I wanted my own immediately. I now own two! Eco-Friendly Design During the day, my friend carried it on the outside of her pack to let it […]

  • Woolzies Natural Fabric Softener

    Woolzies Natural Fabric Softener

    The name Woolzies instantly intrigued me, and it’s natural colored packaging with a cute sheep made me want to learn more about it. I had never heard of a natural fabric softener and got excited. You’re thinking, really? Excited over fabric softener? Well…yes!  I like using natural products. My friend, Janet, who loves all things […]