Woolzies Natural Fabric Softener

The name Woolzies instantly intrigued me, and it’s natural colored packaging with a cute sheep made me want to learn more about it.

woolzies-natural-fabric-softener-thoughtful-gift-ideaI had never heard of a natural fabric softener and got excited. You’re thinking, really? Excited over fabric softener? Well…yes!  I like using natural products.

My friend, Janet, who loves all things natural, gave me Woolzies as a birthday gift. I love using products my friends swear by!

Woolzies look like fuzzy little white tennis balls. Simply toss the ball in your dryer with your clothes for softer fabrics.

The dryer balls are 100% pure New Zealand wool, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. Not only are they better for your laundry and your skin since they’re free of chemicals, but they also make your clothes feel very soft.

Did you know when you use dryer sheets they will clog up your dryer vent even if you remove the lint? It’s true because it has happened to me.

The softener in the sheets accumulates goo in the tiny vent holes causing air flow to stop. This happening could lead to a hazardous fire or at the very least cause your dryer to not to work efficiently. That’s why I do not use fabric softeners.

The cost of fabric softeners add up over time but Woolzies you can use over and over up to 1,000 loads. WOW! Talk about saving money! That’s a good thing, not baaaaad. Get it? Sheep? Sorry, just had to do it!

When I use a product that really, really works, I like to share it with friends and family. Everyone enjoys a product that makes things better, easier or cheaper.

Laundry, a never ending story.  – Anonymous

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