Thoughtful Second Marriage Wedding Gift

When my friend announced she would be saying “I do” for the second time, I wanted to give her a special wedding gift.

wedding-photo-silhouette-thoughtful-gift-ideaTraditional gifts such as dishes, towels and kitchen appliances are usually not needed in a second marriage.

I had the perfect opportunity to give a creative and thoughtful wedding gift!

Mike and Teresa were getting married on a beach in Florida and hosting a reception later for family and friends. This gave me time to do a little research…

Teresa posted on Facebook pictures of their beach wedding, and it sparked a gift

I had seen custom couple silhouette portraits on, and thought I would create my own using one of Teresa’s wedding photos. I picked one of them in a unique pose.


If it turned out I couldn’t create what I wanted myself, then I would have it professionally made. So no pressure!

How to Create a Custom Couple Silhouette

Items needed:

DIY Instructions:

Trace the photo with a pencil on lightweight construction black paper, use scissors to cut the outline and for the intricate small areas, use the X-acto knife.

Take your time. I will admit it took me three times to cut out the silhouette just right, but it was worth it.

Place the black cut out paper on lightweight construction white paper for contrast.

After seeing it in the picture frame, it was exactly the special gift I was looking for.

At the reception, there were several photos from their wedding including the one I made into a silhouette. Bingo! I knew it was one of their favorites!

Teresa said, “We love it! You always give the sweetest gifts and we have it displayed on the fireplace mantel.”

It’s never too late to live happily ever after.  – Anonymous

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