Wet brush-pro Detangle Hair Brush

Sometimes we come across a beauty product that works miracles so we want to share it with everyone! The Wet brush-pro Detangle Hair Brush is such a gift!

wet-brush-pro-detangle-hair-brush-thoughtful-gift-ideaI have collected lots of hair brushes over the years. Round ones, big square ones, small ones, brushes with bristles and others with rubber tips.

A brush is a brush is a brush you say. Well… not always.

I only use my Wet brush-pro Detangle Hair Brush to untangle my wet hair. I love how it feels going through my hair so much that I’ve purchased several to give to family and friends.

It works fabulously for my friend who no longer struggles with her daughter’s thick, long curly hair.

Finally, there’s no more fighting and her daughter loves for her hair to be brushed. It’s a miracle brush!

For a thoughtful twist in giving this gift, add a note to each brush for that special occasion.

Here are some examples:

Birthdays – I love every hair on your head!

Teacher’s Gift – A brush that won’t pull your hair out like your students!

Mother’s Day –  I’ll brush your hair 100 times every time we’re together!

Christmas (to the tune of Jingle Bells)
Brushing through your hair
With no tangles, snags or knots
Making your hair pretty
And smiling a whole lot

Can you think of more?

The Wet brush-pro Detangle Hair Brush comes in several colors and makes for an easy peasy gift for just about anyone who has hair!

A hair brush can double as a mic when you’re singing in the mirror!

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