Valentine’s Day Gift – Mail a Handwritten Love Letter

We email. We text. We phone. Everything is short and to the point. Many of us think we have lost the art of writing. I think we just need a little practice.

I remember in elementary school we would write and pass notes that would say, “I LIKE YOU.” In junior high, the note writing would become a little more sophisticated to something like, “I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH!” And in high school my boyfriend would write a three page love letter detailing how pretty I was, how he couldn’t wait to see me after school, and of course the three words I always wanted to hear, “I LOVE YOU!”Love Letter Gift Idea

Well… your perfect opportunity for writing a love letter is coming up – Valentine’s Day! This year, don’t spend 30 minutes in the card aisle at the store looking at Valentine’s Day cards that most of the time don’t say what your heart would say anyway. Instead, spend that 30 minutes writing a heartfelt love letter.

Hardly anyone gets a love letter these day, especially if the couple has been together for a long time. It’s really quite sad.

So please stop the drought of love letters in the world and get out that paper and pen. Let’s fill the world with romantic handwritten love letters once again!

The words “I love you” with a heart shape drawing is a good start when writing and as you think of all of the things that made you fall in love with your Valentine, the words will follow. It doesn’t have to be three pages. Just a paragraph or two will get their surprised attention!

Once you’ve finished your handwritten love letter, here’s how you make it stand out even more – mail the love letter to their office or home.

(Men – roses are beautiful but a handwritten love letter trumps flowers any day!)

Putting pen to paper creates more powerful images than the spoken word.



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