Ordering the 25th Wedding Anniversary Special at Sonic

My husband and his best friend, Curtis have been friends since they were 16 years old. They played on their high school tennis team and were known to be pretty salty players. They even won a state championship in doubles their senior year. When Curtis started dating Susan, the four of us became best friends.

kiss me frog cookie jarCurtis and Susan’s daughters were planning a 25th wedding anniversary for their parents and asked if Randy and I would “distract” them while guests were arriving to their parents’ home.

Through the years, the four of us have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries together by going out to eat. So Randy and I made plans to take them out for a 25th wedding celebration dinner. That way it wouldn’t look suspicious.

Susan wanted to know what to wear and I told her the place we were going was a surprise but to wear their Sunday best. Afterwards, we would return to their home to change into more comfortable clothes for the second event of the evening.

That gave us a reason to go back to the house!

We picked them up and on the way Randy asked if they had a preference of where to eat. Since Curtis and Susan thought we already had made plans they were stumbling over what to say when Randy said, “I’ll surprise you.” We immediately turn into a Sonic Drive-In restaurant. I could see the look of disbelief on their face.


Sonic, America’s Drive-In

Randy asked, “What do you want?” Curtis immediately started ordering his usual Sonic meal and Susan couldn’t decide so Randy said, “Let me order for you.” He pushed the red button and said, “We would like to have the 25th Wedding Anniversary Special!”

Earlier in the day we had stopped by that Sonic and asked them to bring our gift out on a tray when we ordered the 25th Wedding Anniversary Special. The manager was very accommodating in helping us surprise our friends. When the carhop brought the gift, they both laughed and knew we were up to something. Randy tipped the carhop, and Susan unwrapped the gift.

I had no idea that the package would absorb the smells of burgers, onions, hotdogs and fries. It totally permeated the car. WOW! Remembering that smell has made us laugh many times over.

Tip: Place the gift in a plastic trash bag, and ask them to take the gift out of the bag just before delivering to the car.

Susan collects cookie jars and when I saw the Kiss Me Frog cookie jar, I knew it was PERFECT! When she opened it, I told her it was because she kissed a lot of frogs to find her Prince and to hold Curtis’s favorite homemade peanut butter cookies!

We really did take them to a fancy restaurant after we left Sonic, and then we headed off to their house to “change clothes.”

The daughters did a great job having people park their cars at the neighbors and on side streets so there was no hint of the many family and friends that were already there. We followed them to the front door and just as they inserted the key, the door opened and everyone yelled, “SURPRISE!”

Bam! Totally caught off guard! Both turned to us with laughter and the biggest grins.

The evening was full of surprises and lots of fun, and it is one of the many precious memories we reminisce about.

Marriage is full of memories. If you share the same ones and cherish the reruns, you have one of the many reasons why a marriage lasts!

Do you have a special anniversary memory? Please share in the Comment section. We love hearing from you!

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