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As a kid of the 80s, slap-on bracelets will be forever be “da bomb” in my book.

What’s not to love? It’s a toy and an accessory in one!


Slap-on bracelets have made a comeback in popularity recently. Kids today love them too! My son has received them as party favors at school and at birthday parties.

I love that. It’s a nice reminder that simple toys that don’t require batteries still have entertainment value.

Snappums Slap-on Bracelets

Hallmark has designed a new type of slap-on bracelets called Snappums.

They are soft, plush fabric characters constructed around a slap-on bracelet.

Think stuffed animal combined with a slap-on bracelet. Cool stuff!

You can pick from super heroes, such as Batman and Batgirl, dinosaurs, unicorns, cats, dogs, and other popular characters such as Hello Kitty.

Kids can play with them wrapped around their wrist or smoothed out flat. They’re also very portable since in addition to wrists, Snappums can wrap around things like backpack straps and seat belts.

Snappums wrist toys make cool gifts and party favors for kids ages three and older.

It’s nice to see your own childhood toys make a comeback.

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