Collapsible and Expandable Flower Vase

Do you like surprises? I do! I received red roses from my friend, Karen. Even though that was a surprise in itself, that wasn’t the BIG surprise. She delivered roses in a gift bag with an collapsible, expandable vase.collapsible-expandable-vase-thoughtful-gift-idea

What’s an collapsible, expandable vase you ask?

They are folded flower vases that do everything a glass vase can do except collect dust.

The vases are thin, strong, durable and amazingly stable. They will not leak.

Not only are they beautifully designed to display in the home or office, they are ideal for poolside and patio dining because they will never chip, scratch, or break.

I followed the instructions on the back of the package holding the vase.


It expands when you put water in it and the bottom of the vase flattens out. What a novel idea!

I placed the beautiful red roses inside this unusual vase and placed it on my bookshelf to be enjoyed by everyone at my office.

Reusable, Portable, & Easy to Store

The vase is reusable, easily portable, and doesn’t take up space in your cabinet since it lays flat.

Just wash it with dish soap and water and let it completely dry before collapsing it. Easy peasy!

I can’t wait to give decorative collapsible, expandable vases to friends and family.

I like the idea of delivering flowers along with the vase but mailing a vase would be a cool gift to receive too.  

It’s so cool! Another one of those “Why didn’t I come up with this unique vase?” gift idea.”

A vase of beautiful fragrant flowers always reminds me of my grandmother’s house.

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