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  • Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock

    Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock

    When I think of a hammock, three things come to mind–rest, relaxation and sleep. With a portable hammock, you can enjoy those three things wherever you go! Did you know the best hammocks are no longer made of rope? They’re made of parachute nylon which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. It’s like sleeping in […]

  • Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety

    Compact Car Jump Starter | Road Safety

    My car battery died after work one day, and thankfully a co-worker came to my rescue. He didn’t use jumper cables. He used something even better called a compact car jump starter. It’s better than jumper cables because you don’t need another car to jump you! Peace of Mind on the Road Think about it, […]

  • Collapsible and Expandable Flower Vase

    Collapsible and Expandable Flower Vase

    Do you like surprises? I do! I received red roses from my friend, Karen. Even though that was a surprise in itself, that wasn’t the BIG surprise. She delivered roses in a gift bag with an collapsible, expandable vase. What’s an collapsible, expandable vase you ask? They are folded flower vases that do everything a […]