Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock

When I think of a hammock, three things come to mind–rest, relaxation and sleep. With a portable hammock, you can enjoy those three things wherever you go!

lightweight-portable-nylon-hammock-giftDid you know the best hammocks are no longer made of rope?

They’re made of parachute nylon which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. It’s like sleeping in a cloud because the hammock stretches and conforms to your body.

The nylon material is also what makes them lightweight and portable, allowing them to pack down to a very compact size. A person doesn’t even have to roll or fold–simply shove the hammock back into the attached, small stuff sack.

In the stuff sack, a two-person hammock packs down to 6 inches X 9 inches. So small!

lightweight-portable-nylon-hammock-gift2Portable Nylon Hammock

A Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock is just as easy to set-up as it is to take down because it comes with two hammock straps. There is absolutely no need for ropes or knots, and you can set up in three minutes. Yes, I timed myself!!

It weighs about 1.5 pounds so a person can take it anywhere, such as the mountains or the beach. I see people in city parks with a nylon hammock strung up between two trees. It can also replace a tent on camping or backpacking trips. Just make sure you bring a tarp you can set up over it in case it rains.

My niece has one of these in her college dorm!

But, setting it up in the backyard is great too. Pile the whole family in since a two-person hammock can hold 500 pounds!

A Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock makes a great gift for teenagers, adults, retirees, graduates, college students and people who love to travel.

TIP: Go with the two-person hammock for more space and higher “walls,” even if only one person will be in it.

I would start a revolution, but I just bought a hammock.  – Zach Galifianakis

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