KinderPerfect | Cards Against Humanity for Parents

Parenting is tough sometimes but it’s also hilarious, especially if you throw in some sarcasm and political incorrectness. KinderPerfect is a card game for adults who enjoy laugh-out-loud humor about the challenges of raising kids.

The game is simple. Each round, one player lays down a red question card and every other player lays down their funniest white answer card.

The person with the funniest answer card wins and gets to keep the red question card. The person who collects the most red cards wins the game!


KinderPerfect Card Game Examples:

Question Card: Before kids, I never thought about _____.
Potential Answer Card: A freezer full of breast milk

Question Card: All I want for Christmas is a day without _____.
Potential Answer Cards: Toddler erections

Question Card: _____ is why I am a failure as a parent.
Potential Answer Cards: Giving him the middle finger behind his back

Totally hilarious, right?!

The card game is similar to Apples to Apples  (kid and family friendly) and Cards Against Humanity (sexual and raunchy). KinderPerfect‘s humor is in between so you can play it with adult friends and family and not worry if someone’s going to get offended.


What’s really cool are the questions and answers in the game are crowdsourced from real parents. That’s right – for parents, by parents.

Think you can come up with something funny? Anyone can submit their ideas for cards on the KinderPerfect website. If it gets used, you’ll receive a free game!

I love giving games as gifts because playing games creates an interactive bonding experience with everyone playing. It’s way better than watching TV or a movie together and a lot more memorable!

It also gets people to remember and share their crazy parent stories. Remember that time when…? Try playing it with your own parents and grandparents!

KinderPerfect can be given as a gift for baby showers, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays and Christmas. Even teacher gifts!

For a “thoughtful twist,” give the KinderPerfect game with a bottle of wine.

P.S. You can mix KinderPerfect cards with Cards Against Humanity cards of Apples to Apples cards.

Humor is the best way to deal with the PTSD that comes with parenthood.

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