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The Gift of Song | Family Recording Studio Session

When Judy, a co-worker of mine, had her grandchildren visit her, she planned all sorts of events for them to do. One of them was a private recording studio session at my oldest son Dustin’s recording studio. He had just started his home recording studio business at the time.

Gift of Song Family Recording Studio Session Gift Idea
Dustin hangs out in his recording studio.

Judy’s granddaughters had the time of their life recording in the studio, singing into a mike with headsets on, and making a real CD. They thought it was the coolest experience ever! What a story to tell their friends and family back home. They gave a copy of their newly released CD to their parents who cherished such a unique gift!

The idea of recording a CD led another co-worker, Tiffany, and her family to record Jingle Bells for their grandmother who lived in a different city. Practice began at the studio because there were lots of starts and stops, goofs and giggles, and funny family fodder during the recording session.

When their recording session ended, Dustin edited the song to sound clean and professional. But he also included a surprise bonus track – the same song with all the “bloopers.” It gave everyone a big laugh and made the memory of their experience complete!

The CD came in the mail for the grandmother who couldn’t be with them during the holidays. When she opened the package, she had no idea it would be her family’s joyous voices in song. It’s a loving gift she never tires of and replays over and over again.

You may not be able to put a bow on a song but the unwrapping of music is a beautiful gift.


4 responses to “The Gift of Song | Family Recording Studio Session”

  1. Janiece Avatar

    The cd reminds me of the live cd you girls made for me when I had to miss a girl trip.

  2. Tiffany Avatar

    My grandmother was so elated by her gift and it was extra special since her eye sight has failed her she still knew our voices..

  3. Wayne W Walls Avatar

    This is maybe the best experience type gift idea I’ve read on this site. What a cool and clever idea. While not everyone knows someone with a professional recording studio, anybody can record some audio of singing and lay it over a karaoke track. Might not be as nice as having a studio producer’s cleaned up version, but the thought would be the same.

  4. james Avatar

    Wow! what a cool gift idea. I am recording my music with elite Music Studios and will git it to my grandfather who lives far from me. Thanks for the idea!!!

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