Recreate, Repurpose, Regift Vintage Jewelry

Ever wonder what to do with broken but beautiful, vintage jewelry? Recreate! Repurpose! Regift!

vintage-jewelry-recreated-thoughtful-gift-ideaI received a picture frame containing vintage jewelry made into a dazzling crown. When I opened the gift, my mouth dropped.

My sister-in-law said, “It’s perfect for Queen Darlene!”

She was right of course! I loved all that beautiful bling! And because Karee designed and created it just for me made it even more thoughtful.

When she told me it was her new hobby, I began quizzing her about where she found the jewelry pieces, her ideas for designs, and how she made my crown.

A supplier provides her with vintage jewelry but she also finds them at garage and estate sales for reasonably prices. Karee explained she uses a special glue made for jewelry for all of her creations.

My gift lead me to Google for ideas and oh my… there is so much creativity with upcycling vintage jewelry. I found beautiful examples from Architecture Art Designs and Little

vintage-jewelry-thoughtful-gift-ideaIdeas for Repurposing Vintage Jewelry

  • A wedding bouquet
  • Decorate picture frames, mirrors, and purses
  • Use pieces as a bow when wrapping gifts
  • Redesign and create a new necklace, bracelet, or earrings
  • Frame pieces of vintage jewelry in the design of a Christmas tree
  • Attach a piece of jewelry on the end of material to be used as a book mark

Instead of leaving unused vintage jewelry in a box on a shelf in the closet, recreate, repurpose and regift even if it is to yourself.

I’ve been saving my mother’s and grandmother’s vintage jewelry, and now I know what to do with them!

Jewelry is meant to be worn and displayed in public not kept in a box.

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