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  • Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits

    Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits

    I remember growing up reading Highlights–a magazine specifically for kids. It was really cool getting it in the mail once a month! Now, Highlights offers all kinds of fun kids products besides magazines. Have you heard of their Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits? Every kit includes a map and a puzzle book that teaches […]

  • Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock

    Lightweight & Portable Nylon Hammock

    When I think of a hammock, three things come to mind–rest, relaxation and sleep. With a portable hammock, you can enjoy those three things wherever you go! Did you know the best hammocks are no longer made of rope? They’re made of parachute nylon which makes them extremely soft and comfortable. It’s like sleeping in […]

  • Personalized Luggage Tag & Handle Cover

    Personalized Luggage Tag & Handle Cover

    Every time I hear of someone graduating school, I think how exciting it is they have their whole life ahead of them. I’m also reminded of Dr. Seuss’s book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Such as classic and accurate description of this journey we call life. I have a family member, Sidney, who is graduating […]

  • Houseguest Welcome Basket

    Houseguest Welcome Basket

    I remember being someone’s houseguest and getting a late night snack attack. I’m dying for something to eat but I’m too embarrassed to look through their kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Not good. You may have been in a similar situation yourself. Although someone tells you, “Make yourself at home!” you still feel hesitant to rummage […]

  • One Night Stay Destination | Experience Gift

    One Night Stay Destination | Experience Gift

    My sister-in-law and her husband enjoy going out-of-town. With that in mind, I gave them a destination experience as a gift! My husband and I gave David and Lesa a gift certificate for a one-night-stay at a historical hotel. Inside the envelope, I included a picture of the hotel’s breathtaking lobby. When they opened their […]

  • Monogrammed Duffle Travel Bag

    Monogrammed Duffle Travel Bag

    Over the years, I have received two duffle bags as gifts. A beautiful girly duffle bag monogrammed with my initials and the other is an animal print personalized with Queen Darlene in rhinestones. I love them both! A monogrammed duffle travel bag is a perfect gift for overnight trips or a week long vacation. They […]

  • Hop In The Car One Day Road Trips

    Hop In The Car One Day Road Trips

    Our lifelong friends, Curtis and Susan, my husband, and I have come up with a fun experience to spend time together – Hop in the Car One Day Road Trips. In the early years, we spent a lot of time together. We doubled dated and later were in each other’s wedding parties. We even shared […]

  • An Aloha Christmas | A Surprise Family Vacation

    An Aloha Christmas | A Surprise Family Vacation

    Our family tradition is to open presents on Christmas Eve. But in 1998, we opened gifts a few days earlier. We told our children there were family members¬†going out of town, and they would not be here for Christmas. Luckily, they did not ask which family members because it was US! For weeks, I had […]