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I remember growing up reading Highlights–a magazine specifically for kids. It was really cool getting it in the mail once a month!

Now, Highlights offers all kinds of fun kids products besides magazines.

Have you heard of their Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits?


Every kit includes a map and a puzzle book that teaches children about the geography, history, and culture of a different state in the United States.

In the puzzle book, kids help Tripp and Scout race to the finish line by earning them points every time they complete the puzzles and activities.

It’s very fun and educational, and a great way to keep children learning during the summer months.


Every Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits also includes a souvenir state key tag that can be added to a key chain. Kids can collect all 50!

The Highlights website says Which Way USA is for kids ages 7 and up but my six-year old son loves them.

Like the Highlights magazine, the Which Way USA Travel Adventure Kits are purchased by subscription. In each mailing, a child receives adventure kits for two states. However, you can decide how often the kits are mailed. It doesn’t have to be once a month.

This children’s gift combines the joy or receiving something exciting in the mail with the fun of games and puzzles.

For a thoughtful twist, take a child on a road trip to visit something they learned about in one of the state adventure kits!

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.”

– David Mitchell

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