Easy Peasy Birthday Money Box


I once found out about a family member’s birthday party the day before. I freaked out at first! What should I get a teenage boy on such short notice??

birthday money box

The birthday money box contains a really long strand of cash.

That’s when I thought of the perfect thoughtful gift idea that anyone can create at the last-minute – a birthday money box.

Money is something every teenager wants, and the birthday money box I could easily create with items I already had at home.

The birthday money box is fun to give and receive because when the gift recipient pulls on the card that says “PULL UP,” they will be surprised with a really long strand of cash that continues to come out as they keep pulling and pulling and pulling!


Here are the items you will need:

items needed to create birthday money box

Items you will need to easily create a birthday money box.


  1. You can either write or print your message on the card stock paper. At the very top, it should read, “PULL UP.” Or use an arrow in place of “UP.” Below that write your birthday message.
    (Tip: Leave space between “PULL UP” and the birthday message so the birthday message can’t be seen until the piece of paper is completely pulled out.)
  2. Cut the card stock into a long rectangle 7.5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.
  3. Tape the cash from end to end and then tape to the bottom of the card stock. Use very small pieces of tape so they can be removed by the gift recipient without tearing the money.cash taped end to end for birthday money box
  4. Starting with the cash at the bottom of the strand, roll the cash into one big roll that will fit inside the tissue box.
  5. Stuff the roll of money into the bottom of the tissue box, and place the card stock so “PULL UP” is sticking out of the top.

birthday money box

This birthday money box is a unique way to give cash, and it can also be used for graduation presents.

When it comes to teenagers, money is always a thoughtful gift.

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  1. I did something like that for my grandson’s graduation from high school. I made a ATM machine. It was made out of a shoe box, long ways. Cover it in black paper. Had a fake credit card which held the money. It was $300.00. and it worked perfect to fit in bottom of box for weight to stand up. Used letters for info on box. He loved it. His friends were coming from other rooms just to see what was happening. I did it because he said he had told his friends he will become a rich some day. He kelp pulling out the singles and all over the floor. It was great.

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