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Hands are a beautiful thing because of all of the different ways they express love.

The hands of your parents and grandparents are the ones that held you for hours as a baby, wiped your tears when you cried, placed the Band-Aid on your skinned knees, threw the ball to teach you “catch,” held your bike up as you learned to ride it, showed you how to measure ingredients when baking cookies, and reached in their wallets to give you a few extra dollars to go out with your friends.

Their hands also taught you how to write your name, work math problems and start a lawn-mower. I’m sure you can think of a zillion more things their loving hands have helped you with throughout your life.

My son and I thought it would be a meaningful gift to capture pictures of both of his grandparents’ hands and give them to family member for Christmas. Dustin came up with the idea to take pictures of the things they enjoy doing now.

Hands of Love Photos Gift Idea


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Grammy loves to read her Bible so he took pictures of her hand with a pointed finger reading along a verse. For Gramps that was easy – he always had a pipe in his hand. We also thought a picture of them holding hands would make a great photo.

Grammy and Gramps enjoyed every minute of their photo session with Dustin. Grammy was very happy with the pictures since they were not of her face and her “unruly” hair as she calls it.

We printed the “Hands of Love” photos, placed them in frames, and gave the precious pictures to family. Gramps passed away a couple of years ago and the pictures have become even more heartfelt to all of us.

You can get really creative with photos of hands. Think different generations, parents with their children, mother-daughter, father-son, sisters, brothers. Photos of children’s hands can be given to grandparents. The variations are endless!

Parents hold their children’s hands for a while, their hearts forever.

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  1. I agree with you, that hands are the most beautiful thing to express the love, and gifting the hands photo of parents, grandparents to your loving would be the best gift ever. I will definitely try out this idea.

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