How to Make an Ice Scraper Someone’s Favorite Gift

I’ve been trained all my life in gift giving. I just did not realize it. My mother always asked me to help her come up with ideas for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions for family and friends. She loved giving gifts, and she was great at gift ideas too! Watching someone open her gift thrilled her as much as the person receiving the gift.

This next gift idea was my mother’s Christmas gift to her grandsons.

Icescraper Money Holder Gift Idea

Braden still uses the ice scraper that his grandmother gave him for Christmas. She had hidden money inside it to his surprise and delight!

Dustin and Braden were in their early 20s and she asked me what they wanted for Christmas. I said, “Money.” Dustin was saving for a new guitar and Braden wanted a new computer.

Even if the adults had pooled our money together to purchase these items for a surprise, we had no idea on the make or model they wanted. So money it had to be.

But Mother never just gave money. She always found a clever way to do it.

On Christmas Eve, we passed out all the presents and we each took turns opening. After we had finished opening our last gift, my mother asked Dustin and Braden, “Did you like your ice scraper for your car?” The boys nodded, “yes.”

I’m sure they were appreciative as it sometimes gets snowy and icy in Oklahoma during the winter but it was not their favorite gift. Even though it wasn’t a simple plain ice scraper. She had bought them Ice Scraper Mitts. My mother asked them to try theirs on to see if they fit. So they did.

When their hand went inside, they felt something and pulled out a $50 bill. What a surprise! Their ice scrapers instantly became their favorite gift!

Besides money, you can also hide gift cards and jewelry to make the gift an even bigger surprise.

Don’t judge a book by its cover. – George Elliott



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