Celebrate With Sparkling Juice & Mocktails

There are many opportunities for celebrating at work. Just because you can’t consume alcohol or champagne at the office shouldn’t prevent you from toasting someone’s good news.

celebrate-sparkling-juice-mocktails-giftMy co-worker, RaShonda, recently received a job promotion and became a grandmother for the first time. Two big reasons to celebrate!

To congratulate her on her two brand-new titles, Personnel Assistant and Gigi (her nickname for grandma), I decided to bring some treats to the office.

I brought a bottle of sparkling white grape juice cocktail, a bottle of sparkling Mango Bellini mocktail, and some white chocolate covered pretzels.

I asked everyone on our team (except RaShonda) to meet at RaShonda’s desk at a certain time for a little surprise.

Although they were non-alcoholic drinks, we had fun pouring the bubbly and toasting RaShonda’s accomplishment and good fortune. Just like at happy hour, it’s always nice to socialize over drinks and finger food.

I must say that Welch’s Mango Bellini mocktail was delicious! Don’t mock the mocktail until you try it that’s for sure.

Besides at the office, you can use sparkling juice and mocktails to celebrate good news at a school, church, hospital, nursing home, baby showers, etc. They’re also a great drink for people who can’t or don’t drink alcohol. (Like me since I’m preggers.)

It may not be champagne, but it’s bubbly and tastes good!

Celebrate life and with drinks and sweet words.

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