Umbrellas With Personality

An umbrella is usually a practical gift, and if you give one that is the basic black, red or hunter green – it’s booooring. Don’t do it.

umbrellas-with-personality-thoughtful-gift-ideaI love red lipstick, and when my friend gave me an amusing umbrella with a gentleman’s hand holding a red lipstick, my jaw dropped! I had never ever seen anything like it. What a cool gift!

Today’s umbrellas have personality and come in all shapes, sizes and designs for adults and kids.

They’re colorful, cheery, fancy, whimsical, clever and fun. The kind of gift that will definitely bring sunshine to their day!

Did you know there are as many variety of umbrellas as raindrops? Well… maybe not quite, but the selection is endless.

There are delightful sky umbrellas to keep your skies blue, beautiful art umbrellas that are more affordable than the original famous museum paintings, and LED umbrellas that light up.

Hey dog lovers… there’s even a humorous pet umbrella to keep your dog dry in the rain.

You can’t go wrong giving someone an umbrella with personality since it’s a gift that’s both useful and fun!

Don’t ask for a lighter rain. Instead pray for a better umbrella.  – Unknown



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