Boys Love Shopping for New Shoes

Most boys don’t get excited about new clothes. So when they receive them as gifts they don’t oooh and aaah over them like most girls do.

boys-love-shopping-for-new-shoesAs a mother who loves fashion but who doesn’t have any daughters, I’ve come to accept this. But I have found an exception to the rule.

Boys LOVE to shop for new shoes.

My teenage brother-in-law, Sean, is obsessed with Vans shoes. For my son, Aiden’s, second birthday, Sean and his mom took him to the Vans shoe store at the mall to get his very first pair of Vans shoes.

After narrowing them down to three pairs, they let him pick out his shoes. He decided on a cool pair of Star Wars shoes.

Aiden was so very proud of his Vans shoes because he knew they were like his Uncle Sean’s Vans shoes. In fact, he started calling his new pair of shoes his “Sean shoes.”

Since they went to the mall and picked them out together, it made shopping for new shoes a fun and memorable experience.

vans-boys-shark-shoesOn Aiden’s third birthday, they took him again to the mall for a new pair of Vans shoes. This time he picked out a pair that looked like sharks with shark teeth on the front and fins on the back!

For Christmas, my sister and her husband took Aiden to the mall to buy tennis shoes. She told me THEY had such a great time because HE had a great time picking out his new pair of Nike shoes!

It turned into a great bonding experience for all of them!

If you could have seen my son showing off his new shoes. He jumped and spun in circles similar to how little girls do when they try on a new party dress and twirl!

You can’t buy happiness but you can buy shoes and that’s kind of the same thing.


Aiden and his uncle carry their new pairs of shoes at the mall.


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