What Gift Makes Sense for Someone Who Recently Passed Away?

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My co-worker Elise is  one-of-a-kind. Any time she says something, I’m either cracking up laughing or shocked (but trying my hardest not to show it.)

cemetery and headstonesOf all the crazy stories she has told me, the one I most remember is when she straight up quit her job because they wouldn’t let her off work to go to the Oklahoma State Fair.

I’m thinking to myself, “And she works in human resources…” That’s Elise in a nutshell for you though. A total hoot! And I’m lucky to work with someone who regularly livens up our office!

The other day she told made me something that made me say “Whaaat?” one second and “That’s a thoughtful gift! I’ll blog about it!” the next.

Apparently, Elise’s father purchased 30 burial plots at one point in time. When a family member passes away, he gives one of them away. Who does that??

Very odd… but really a most thoughtful gift in a time of need!

No one wants to pick out their own burial plot. Deeeeeepressing.

The grieving family members don’t want to do it either. But it’s something the deceased person NEEDS.

The “thoughtful twist” to this gift?

The person receiving the burial plot will be laid to rest for eternity next to members of their kin. In this case, so many kin they practically have their own neighborhood in the cemetery!

I think Elise’s father is on to something, don’t you think?

Our life is made by the death of others.  – Leonardo da Vinci

What’s the oddest thoughtful gift you’ve ever heard of? Please post in the comments section.

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  1. It’s interesting to know that the person in your story just purchased 30 burial plots that served as gifts to other family members. It also gave me the idea that I can give something similar to my relatives. Maybe I can look for custom-engraved headstone services around our area and see if I can give them away as a gift every time someone passes on.

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