“You Are a Gem” Air Plant Gift

We all know people who are gems because they brighten our lives like a sparkling diamond.


Have you let them know lately how much they mean to you?

This Air Plant Gift tells them “You Are a Gem” with words and a gift.

Air plants get the majority of their nutrients from the air. That means they are extremely low-maintenance and easy to keep alive! They will last for years.

Air plants are also attractive and come in interesting shapes and textures.

A Gift That Makes a Statement

For my mother’s birthday, I gave her a beautiful Amethyst Crystal Air Plant Gift. It came with a gift box and a card that reads “You Are a Gem.”

The Etsy.com vendor, Air Friend, where I purchased it from has many gorgeous Air Plant Gifts. You can pick and choose your crystal and gift box tag.

For example, some of the crystals you can choose from are quartz crystal, rose quartz crystal, yellow calcite crystal, and green aventurine crystal.

Some of the gift box tags you can choose from are “You Are My Rock,” “You Rock,” “Best Grandma Ever,” “Thanks for Helping Me Grow,” “Congrats!”, “You Are Amazing,” and “Get Well Soon.” Air Friend also lets you personalize a gift with a custom phrase or message.

An Air Plant Gift combines beauty, simplicity and meaning all together. It’s less of a “thing” you’re giving and more of a “statement.”

They make great friendship gifts, thank you gifts, business gifts, teacher gifts, get well gifts, and more.

Folks are like plants; we all lean toward the light.  – Kris Carr

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