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  • Rock Painting Kit

    Rock Painting Kit

    My son and I were shopping at an outdoor mall when he found a piece of “treasure.” He held it in the palm of his little hand. The look on his excited and eager face said, “Can I keep it?” He showed me a smooth, round rock painted red with blue polkadots and a large […]

  • Genetic DNA Testing & Analysis Kit

    Genetic DNA Testing & Analysis Kit

    Imagine collecting a wealth of information about yourself, your relatives, and your ancestors based on your DNA. Do you have to give a blood sample? Nope. Needles not necessary. With the commercial genetic DNA testing and analysis services available, all you need to do is provide a sample of your saliva. Mail it in, and […]

  • Houseguest Welcome Basket

    Houseguest Welcome Basket

    I remember being someone’s houseguest and getting a late night snack attack. I’m dying for something to eat but I’m too embarrassed to look through their kitchen cabinets and refrigerator. Not good. You may have been in a similar situation yourself. Although someone tells you, “Make yourself at home!” you still feel hesitant to rummage […]

  • Make-A-Recipe Gift Basket

    Make-A-Recipe Gift Basket

    I have this recipe for Roasted Pecans that is so good and so simple. You might say it’s easy peasy! When you make it, your entire home smells like heaven. I’ve shared the recipe in a previous post because Homemade Roasted Pecans make great gifts. My friend, Jacqueline, and her husband recently invited us to […]

  • S’mores Kit for Camping

    S’mores Kit for Camping

    It’s funny how your birthday plans change as you grow older. Instead of a fun night out on the town, this year I wanted to celebrate my birthday by going camping outdoors with my husband and son. We’ve only taken my son camping once before and I was excited to continue want I wanted to […]