Personalized Story Book Based on Child’s Name

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A individual’s name is near and dear to its owner’s heart. For children, especially so since they love learning the letters that spell their name.


The authors of the books figured that out and created a magical story based on the letters of a child’s name.

When a boy/girl wakes up to find his/her name missing, he/she must go on an adventure to find it. Every story is different since it is based on the letters in a child’s name. For example, my son Aiden’s book has him meeting an Aardvark, an Imp, a Dragon, an Elephant, and a Narwhal.

Unique, Personalized Story Book

When creating a personalized book to give as a gift, you can choose from the titles “The Little Boy Who Lost His Name” or “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name.”

personalized-story-book-child-name-gift2The book can be customized in many other ways. The book’s hero can be customized to resemble the child’s hair color and skin tone. The gift giver can include a dedication page for free. My son’s grandparents added this personal message in his story book:

Dear Aiden,
We meet a lot of magical and wonderful creatures throughout our lives.
These are just the first. We hope you meet a whole lot more.
Merry Christmas 2016
Love you, Papi and Mimi Jaeger

You can even customize the characters. Some of the more popular letters have more than one character to choose from. This comes in handy if siblings’ names share the same letter(s) and you want the characters to be different. For example, you can pick Elephant or Eagle for the letter E.

You can even choose the language since books can be ordered in 11 different languages including French and Chinese!

The end product turns out so unique and special it becomes a childhood keepsake. Children who receive books will treasure them their whole life, making them great birthday, Christmas, and baby shower gifts.

Tigers die and leave their skins; people die and leave their names.  – Japanese proverb

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