Three Gifts Representing Your Relationship’s Past, Present & Future


We often say, “I Love You” but Valentine’s Day gives us the perfect opportunity to show “I Love You.”

Taking the time to come up with a thoughtful gift for your sweetheart can actually strengthen your relationship.

That’s what happened last year on Valentine’s Day, when my best friend, Leslie, received three gifts from her boyfriend that represented their past, present and future. Not only was it romantic, but it gave a deeper meaning to the holiday.

Here is how Leslie described the past, present and future gifts she received:

The first is a jar and glass pebbles representing our past. Brad had placed a pebble in the jar for every week we had been dating. Since then, we add a pebble every Sunday while reflecting on the week. It is nice to look back and know some of those pebbles were good weeks, and some were bad, but collectively they represent the time we have spent together and the things our relationship has been through.

The Past – A jar containing glass pebbles for every week they’ve been together

The second is a set of two boxes that represent our present. One box contains blank papers and a pen, and the other started out empty. Each time one of us does something for the other or makes us feel loved, we write down our feelings on a piece of paper and put it in the second box.
It can be as simple as, “When you made me breakfast this morning I felt very loved.” We continue to add notes until a set date that we agree to open the second box and read our notes together. Reading them reminds us of so many “in the moment” times that we felt very loved.

Our Present – One box containing paper and pen for writing down the moments when they feel loved by the other person. A second box for holding the notes so they can be read together at a set time.

The last represents our future. It is a small treasure chest filled with little wooden hearts that all have a different date ideas on them. When we have free time, we like to open it and pick out a new date like rock climbing, movie night, or go-carts.


Our Future – A box containing hearts written with different date ideas

So it’s pretty obvious from the thoughtful and sentimental way he expressed his love that Brad was a keeper, right? No wonder they were engaged five months later. I’m so happy my best friend has found “the one!”

With just as little creativity, this wonderful Valentine’s Day gift idea can be personalized to fit your relationship.

Every relationship has a past, present and future. It’s called memories, living and imagine!

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