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Life is filled with many tasks that need to get done but bring us no joy in doing them. We look at our to-do list and groan.

personal-assistant-service-thoughtful-giftLaundry. Dry cleaning. Yard work. Grocery shopping. House cleaning. Getting an oil change. Going to the post office. Organizing a room or closet. Running errands. The list goes on. There are a million other things we’d rather do.

We work hard all week and instead of using our free time to relax or to spend quality time with friends and family, we’re stressed out trying to complete these mundane but necessary tasks because if we didn’t… we would be stressed out they didn’t get done.

No clean clothes or no food in the fridge? No thank you. But how can we break the cycle of stress and feeling overwhelmed for ourselves or for someone we care about? The answer is a personal assistant.

Give someone more free time and peace of mind by giving them a gift certificate for a personal assistant service. They can delegate the tasks they don’t have time for or don’t enjoy.

Can you think of a more thoughtful gift for a busy, stressed out person than free time and peace of mind?

A business that offers personal assistants in my area, Lifesquire, also specializes in helping people de-clutter and get organized. So instead of a personal assistant, you could give someone the gift of a professional organizer.

Personal assistants are no longer reserved for the rich and famous. With different pricing models available and the choice between virtual assistants or real assistants, you can give a gift certificate for a personal assistant service the fits your gift giving budget.

I’ve heard over and over again how a personal assistant can be a life changer . With a little bit of help from a personal assistant with day-to-day tasks, a person can move beyond what Stephen Covey describes as non-important, urgent tasks to the important, non-urgent tasks–the stuff that really matters and will bring us the most happiness.

If something’s important to you, make time for it.  – Mia Maestro

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