Vintage Golf Throw Blanket & More

When my friend Jeff invited me to his birthday/retirement party, I knew immediately what gift to give–anything golf related! He loves the game!

golf-throw-blanket-thoughtful-gift-ideaOther friends were giving him golf shirts and golf balls, but I was on a mission to find something a little different.

Cool Golf Gifts

If you Google golf accessories, endless items will pop up. I have saved you some time by putting together a curated list of some pretty unique and cool gift ideas.

My favorite is a Vintage Golf Tapestry Throw Blanket Made in the USA. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know I favor Made in the USA products!

golf-toss-pillow-thoughtful-gift-ideaWhat a gorgeous throw blanket! The vintage graphics and colors are beautiful, the quality is exceptional and the fabric is soft. It’s perfect for snuggling under to watch your favorite golf pros play on TV.

It’s a gift that will look amazing over a recliner in his man cave. It also has a matching toss pillow.

And there’s more!

While searching for that unique gift for Jeff, I also found other fun gift ideas to share with you. Go ahead and get that special gift for your golfer. They will love it!

Golf is the only sport where if you win 20% of the time, you’re the best.  – Jack Nicklaus

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