1928 Ford Model A Car Ride | Wedding Anniversary

Here’s a gift idea for a wedding anniversary. Rent a car made in the same year the couple got married for a fun trip down memory lane!


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My deaf grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary August 12, 1985. Our family wanted to do something visual, unexpected and certainly memorable. But what?

We celebrated their 50th anniversary at church with wedding cake and punch. On their 55th anniversary, we invited family and friends to their home for the celebration. Nice, but very typical and expected.

One day, I just happened to drive by 20 antique cars that were parked at a local A&W Root Beer drive-in. Light bulb moment!

I pulled in, got out of my car, and asked the owners the year of their cars and would they consider taking my grandparents on a car ride on their anniversary.

I asked several people. Since these were prized show cars, none were willing except one man. He had a 1928 Ford Model A. We set a price, and he agreed to meet us at my grandparents’ home on their wedding anniversary day, August 12, 1985.

Even though my grandparents were married in 1925 and that was the year I wanted, the owner said the cars manufactured in 1928 kept the same body style and black paint. I thought, “Close enough!”

My grandparents were going to be so excited and our entire family couldn’t wait. We all met at my grandparents’ house to wait for their surprise visit.

The car pulled up in their drive way, and they couldn’t believe what they were seeing! My grandfather was especially thrilled since he was the driver because my grandmother never learned how to drive.

I explained to him that it was not exactly like the 1925 Model T he drove, but it looked a lot like his. He wanted to know where the crank was on the front to start the motor. The owner said the car was a kit and contained a modern engine.

They piled into the car with grandma sitting in the middle and took off. My brothers drove beside them and videotaped them as they drove around town.

It was a memory my grandparents and the rest of the family talked about for many years. Let’s see… it’s been 30 years and we’re still talking about it!

Oh, one more thing. The owner would not accept our check. He said his payment was already paid because of the joy my grandparents received in driving down memory lane. That was such an awesome gesture!

You can contact your nearby car clubs to find antique, classic and vintage automobiles from the era of a wedding anniversary date. You may not get the exact year of the car but maybe the kind of car they drove in their early married years would be nostalgic and close enough!

I think of the Mustang as the all-time classic, and many of us Baby Boomers drove them. That would be an amazing gift! Kids are you listening??

You can have any color you want, as long as it’s black.  – Henry Ford

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