50 Shades of Green Money Gift

A paint can is a great way to gift wrap because kids and adults can never ever guess what’s inside it.


They’ll never guess what’s inside the paint can!

The “50 Shades of Green” money gift idea is perfect for the person who is difficult to buy for. Perfect because the color green (money) goes with everything!

Fill the paint can with crumpled 50 one dollar bills or one fifty dollar bill or any combination adding up to 50 dollars.

Create a label for birthdays, graduations, Father’s Day or add holiday decorations for Christmas.

Items you will need for the “50 Shades of Green” money gift:

  • New paint can purchased from a hardware store
  • Cash equal to $50
  • A label for the can and lid, ribbon or other decorations
  • Glue or tape to attach the label to the can and lid

keep-'em-guessing-money-inside-paint-can-thoughtful-gift-ideaOnce you’ve inserted the cash, use a rubber mallet to close the paint lid shut.

This easy peasy money gift idea definitely brings a color that usually isn’t found in a paint can!

Dark green is my favorite color. It’s the color of nature and the color of money.  – Leonardo DiCaprio

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