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When my co-worker’s husband, Mark, returned home from deployment in the Middle East, she breathed such a sigh of relief. Sandra and her son, Kyle, had been praying for his safe return every night. As an Air Force pilot, Mark encountered some intense moments.


Say “Welcome Home!” in a visual way with yard decorations.

To express their overwhelming joy to see him home, Sandra and Kyle welcomed back Mark in patriotic style!

They surprised him by decorating their front yard with red, white and blue balloons and a custom yard sign that said, “Welcome Home Mark.”

Several of their neighbors also joined in by displaying their American flag in honor of his return.

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express how we feel. Sandra and Kyle used yard decorations to say “Welcome Home!” in a very VISUAL way that made a big impression on Mark and the entire neighborhood.

In addition to welcoming someone home, lawn decorations can also be used for the following celebrations:

  • welcome-back-home

    Sandra’s family reunited!

    Birthdays (Create yard signs using blown up photos of someone’s face or create signs that look like birthday candles. For tons of fun and funny ideas, Google search “birthday yard signs.”)

  • Graduation
  • Anniversaries
  • Retirement

 Having you back is such a blessing, having you away was so depressing. Welcome back!

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