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  • Creative T-Shirts for New Dad & Uncle

    Creative T-Shirts for New Dad & Uncle

    I’ve known my friend Jody’s two boys since the day they were born. I have watched them grow up to become wonderful young men! I can’t believe her oldest, Austin, is going to be a first-time dad and his brother, Camden, a first-time uncle. What an exciting times for these young men! Jody invited me […]

  • Old Family Photos Made New on T-Shirts

    Old Family Photos Made New on T-Shirts

    What to do with old family photos? Since my grandparents and parents have passed, I have become the keeper of old photos. I have thousands of photos in albums, boxes and drawers. Some are even dated back to the 1800s. I wanted to create something new from old family photos for my two brothers and […]

  • Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

    Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

    When my kids were in grade school, we baked cookies or made fudge for their teachers as Christmas or end-of-the-year gifts. My boys enjoyed showing off their cooking skills by presenting their goodies as teacher’s gifts. As they got older, they wanted to buy their teachers specific gifts. One year my youngest son wanted to […]

  • Easter Bunny Footprints & Baskets

    Easter Bunny Footprints & Baskets

    Easter baskets have come a long way from what my brothers and I used to get. Ours would have stuffed animals, such as a small bunny, duck or yellow chicks, and chocolate candy. When my children were young, they also received stuffed animals but they were parrots, dogs and one time a seven foot snake. […]