Easter Bunny Footprints & Baskets

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Easter baskets have come a long way from what my brothers and I used to get. Ours would have stuffed animals, such as a small bunny, duck or yellow chicks, and chocolate candy. When my children were young, they also received stuffed animals but they were parrots, dogs and one time a seven foot snake. What can I say? They thought the Easter Bunny was awesome!Bunny-footprints-gift-idea-sunburst-gifts

As they got older, their Easter Baskets contained video games, basketballs, t-shirts of their favorite sports teams, and of course the traditional chocolate candy.

One Easter morning when my boys were little, I woke them up by saying, “Hurry! Get up and come see the Easter Bunny! I saw him leaving your baskets!”

By the time they got to the baskets at the front door, the Easter Bunny was gone but we knew he had been there because we saw his footprints going down the sidewalk.

I really loved this part of parenting – doing things that made my children’s faces light up with wonder and amazement!

Making Easter Bunny footprints is easy to do. You make a stencil and use carpet freshener if you choose to leave prints on the carpet or you can use flour or baby powder on tile, wood floors, or on outdoor surfaces. It’s a little messy but easy to clean up and well worth the priceless look on their faces.

Bunny-footprints-leaving-gift-idea-sunburst-giftsMy friend filmed his children finding footprint after footprint until they finally found their basket. Cute idea too! Toddlers are the best age to do this for they will even accept paper footprints.

I continued to give my boys Easter Baskets long after they knew the truth. I only wished at least once I had left half eaten carrots along with the footprints just to give them pause about the Easter Bunny.

Happy Easter! Some bunny loves you!

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