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My brother-in-law Kyle is 20 years younger than my husband Randy. Kyle was a late-in-life baby and born before Randy and I got married. When Randy found out he excitedly asked his best friend Curtis, “Guess whose pregnant?” Curtis thought Randy was talking about me and when Randy realized this he  said, “Oh no…it’s not Darlene. It’s my Mom!”


Darlene & brothers holding live baby Easter chicks in 1960.

At the time we had been dating for almost four years when I asked Randy, “What did you expect him to think?” We have laughed many times over it. With all of that said, Kyle became my “practice kid.” I helped with the fun part of raising a child, the parties, games, gifts and party favors – the gift you give away to your guests when they leave your birthday party.

Kyle’s birthday is close to Easter and when he was eight years old I came up with the brilliant idea of giving away as a birthday party gift favor live baby chicks. I see you with hand over your mouth and even hear a gasp! Didn’t I say he was my practice kid?!

This was during the time where you could go to your local feed store and purchase color dyed baby chicks for Easter. We had them when we were growing up. It was very common and not yet considered cruel treatment of animals. (PETA please don’t come after me!)

Kyle’s birthday cake was even Easter themed with little yellow baby chicks made of icing on top and one had fallen off the cake onto the plate. We thought it was waaay cute!

We surprised the kids at the end by giving away brightly colored live baby chicks along with a small brown bag of feed when they were on the front porch ready to leave with their parent.

You can imagine the excitement of the kids holding a live blue, green, or pink baby chick. At that moment we knew we nailed the best birthday party favor ever!

I’ve got to tell you, all but one parent was very sweet. I look back and remember their faces of disbelief. Easter-Stuffed-The same face I would have if it had happened to me when my kids were little.

It’s the same idea as giving a dog. You do not give live animals as gifts unless you get preapproval. The one unhappy mother did take the baby chick but returned it the next day. She basically said we were crazy! We felt terrible that the child had to give it back.

So if your child has a birthday around Easter this is a post of what not to do. A better idea for a favor is to give cute stuffed animals with zip lock bags of Puppy Chow. The Puppy Chow can pass for any kind of pet food for bunnies, ducks, chicks, etc.

The excitement may not be the same as with a live animal but we should be thoughtful of the parents!

May your heart be full of joy and remember the eternal gift and meaning behind this religious holiday. Happy Easter!

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