Thoughtful Teacher Gifts

When my kids were in grade school, we baked cookies or made fudge for their teachers as Christmas or end-of-the-year gifts. My boys enjoyed showing off their cooking skills by presenting their goodies as teacher’s gifts.

teacher's-gift-box-appreciation-note-gift-idea-sunburstgiftsAs they got older, they wanted to buy their teachers specific gifts. One year my youngest son wanted to buy his teacher a motorcycle. He was not happy when I had to convinced him to purchase a “lame” gift like a book from the best seller’s list.

Over the years, we would buy decorative picture frames, pretty writing pens, stationery note cards with their teacher’s initials and fresh flowers.

I will admit it was a little more challenging to buy for the male teachers. Coffee mugs, gift cards to Starbucks or key chains with initials seemed to work well.

Over the years, I’ve been asked by friends and family to help with thoughtful teacher gifts. Here’s what I’ve suggested:

  • Chalk board with a saying written and signed by your child – “Teaching creates all other professions.” or “You taught + I learned = educated.”
  • A decorative box with lid with a handwritten note inside such as  “You’re a Class Act! Thanks for making a Difference!”
  • A flashlight with a note that says, “Your light shines on everyone! Thanks for making my year bright!”
  • picture-perfect-teacher-gift-idea-sunburstgiftsAn apple-shaped picture frame with the words “A Picture Perfect Teacher” framed inside
  • Compact mirror with a note that says, “I hope to be the best reflection of you.”
  • T-Shirts you can design with the teacher’s initials and on the back the school motto, quotes or if the teacher always had a special saying, use it. You can also find T-Shirts already made with all kinds of sayings for example: “World’s Best Teacher” or “I’m a Teacher. What is your Super Power?”
  • And of course a sweet note card from your child that says, “I love you. You’re the best teacher ever!” Simple and straight to the heart!

It’s wonderful when kids who love and enjoy their teachers want to show in a small way their appreciation with a gift.

I remember my favorite teachers and how they impacted my life. I’ve always said I would like to be a life long student. There’s just so much to learn!

I guess in a way, I’m still learning – like with this blog. Princess Diana has been a great teacher in teaching me the technical side of things. It’s a lot to soak into this not-so-new-sponge of a brain.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill a love of learning.  – Brad Henry, former Governor of Oklahoma






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