Buddha Board Enso Infinite Art

It’s rare to come across something that you’ve never seen before or experienced anything like it. The Buddha Board Enso definitely caught my eye!

Imagine drawing, painting and writing on a board with a water brush and creating images with a rich, inky Japanese look. As the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear allowing you to create a whole new masterpiece.

My BFF, Linda, and I met in 1976 and are complete opposites. She is quiet. I’m loud. She loves to read. I love to dance. She enjoys museums. I enjoy snow skiing. Get the picture?

I credit Linda for introducing me to the many amazing “loves” she enjoys in life. The first thing she ever taught me was how to paint on glass.

Life’s Milestones

Linda is celebrating a couple of milestones this year–her 70th birthday and her retirement. So when I saw the Buddha Board, I picked up the brush, drew my name, and watched it fade away…

I thought “WOW” Linda would love this.

The Buddha Board folds backwards onto its own easel/stand and includes a brush you fill with water. It’s also environmentally friendly–no ink, no paint, no chemicals and best of all no mess.

Enso comes from the Japanese word for circle, representing infinity and the flow of life. So it makes sense that the Buddha Board is also known as a Zen Artist Board for relaxation and to relieve stress.

Perfect! Linda is all about relaxing and enjoying life, especially with retirement approaching!

Everyone from right-brained creative artists to left-brained analytical executives can appreciate the ancient Zen art of living in the moment.

So master the art of living in the moment and enjoy!

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.

Al Hirschfeld

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