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Looking for that unusual gift that would be perceived as cool, fun and something no one else would have? I found it. A Super Bungee Chair by Bunjo!

My nephew is 10 years old-not a baby-not a preteen-but definitely growing up. I wanted to give him something totally different and something he would enjoy year round.super-bungee-chair-thoughtful-gift-idea

I remember how my brothers loved their bean bag chairs as kids. Their unconventional chairs looked cool, and they used them to watch TV. So when I saw the bungee chair, I knew my nephew would feel the same way.

The Super Bungee Chair is designed like a soft, flexible hammock just right for gaming, watching TV, reading or just hanging out. It also has side pockets for gaming devices, TV remotes or snacks. It looks like no other chair!

I purchased the pear-shaped Super Bungee Chair only available at Brookstone.  There are other chair designs available at Bed Bath & Beyond and Amazon. You’ve got to check it out for yourself!

I can’t wait until Christmas to give my nephew his unique gift. I know he’s going to love it because he will be able to bounce right out of it! Who has a chair like that?

Women have a favorite room, men a favorite chair.  – Sir Bernard Williams



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