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It’s here! You can’t believe it! It was only yesterday when your child started kindergarten. Now your son or daughter is going to college and moving on campus.

money-laundering-thoughtful-gift-ideaA college student will need new items for his or her dorm room, including a laundry basket and laundry soap.

Ever heard of Money Laundering? Of course you have, but this gift item is not of criminal intent. It’s a creative way to give cash as a college gift!

Believe me this “Money Laundering” gift will bring a smile to college bound students even though they know they’ll finally have to do their own laundry. Oh, the hidden pitfalls of growing up!

You will need:

  • A bottle or box box of laundry detergent
  • Quarters and $1, $5, $10, $20 bills
  • Glue dots


$45.25 worth of Money Laundering

Use glue dots to attach the quarters on TOP of the bottle or box of laundry detergent. I found out the hard way that the quarters are too heavy to stay on the sides and will fall off.

You will also use the glue dots for the bills. Cover as much as you can of the bottle or box with the bills. It doesn’t matter if you attach dollars or a variety of bills, there will be plenty of money for many many loads of laundry.

Make a fun going-away-to-college gift basket by placing the “Money Laundering” detergent in a laundry basket or hamper along with new towels and washcloths. And Mom and Dad… try not to cry like their first day of kindergarten.

While I was in college, I was exposed to this world that I didn’t know was possible.  – Tom Hanks

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    • Glad you liked the money laundry thoughtful gift idea. College kids need laundry detergent and also need money. A great combination and fun gift to remember!

      Appreciate your comments and checking our Sunburst Gifts for thoughtful gift ideas.

      Queen Darlene

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