LOTTO Fun for the Whole Family

Looking for a gift that is inexpensive but creates a “big bang for the buck?” Lottery tickets and scratch offs are fun and easy on the pocket book if you have lots of gifts to buy for Christmas.

lotto-fun-money-card-thoughtful-gift-ideaA few years ago, my son just started his new job and was digging out of his school loan debts. He wanted to give everyone in the family a Christmas gift, and there are 15 of us.

Braden came up with the idea of purchasing $1 lottery tickets. He placed them inside money envelopes to completely keep the recipient off guard for a better surprise.

At the time, the lottery was sitting at $350 million – one of the largest jackpots in history.  It was all over the news making quite a buzz.

The timing couldn’t have been better to give a lottery ticket of this magnitude. Everyone in my family talked about winning and what they would do with the money!


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What was clever on Braden’s part was when everyone opened their money envelope and found the Lotto tickets, they noticed that he had signed his name on the back of each ticket. He explained that he wanted to be included in the winnings should anyone win.

Laughter erupted!

No one won the big jackpot which was the following morning, but it didn’t matter. Everyone remembers the fun and the thrill of the chance of winning!

Is it proper etiquette to benefit from a gift? Sure, it’s no different than giving your mom a mixer and she bakes a cake for you.  – Braden Drew

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