Spell Child’s Name With Wall Letters

As a child, I remember looking for my name on key chain racks in stores. Not once, did I see DARLENE.

At least I was in good company. My brothers, Harvey and Rodney, didn’t see theirs either. We were all so disappointed.wall-letters-spell-child-name-thoughtful-gift-idea

I was recently invited to a birthday party for a four year old named Evynn. The birthday girl’s name is so beautiful and unique that I decided to give her a personalized gift of her name.

Fortunately, there are many options for creating someone’s name using wall letters from your local craft store or alphabet letters from Amazon.com.

Wall Letters in All Shapes & Sizes

You can find every shape, size, font and color of wall letters to be hung in a room or leaned upright on a shelf.

For those who like to DIY, plain wooden letters can be customized by painting and decorating.

I didn’t need to do that since Hobby Lobby had the perfect pink sparkly letters for Evynn’s name.

I wrapped each letter individually and stacked them in spelling order inside a box so the top letter was “E” and the bottom letter was “N.”

Evynn enjoyed unwrapping her five gifts in one!

At first, she didn’t quite understand each letter until she saw the letter “Y”. She excitedly opened the rest of her gifts  to see her first name spelled out right before her eyes.

She did correct us by saying, “The “e” is lowercase and it should be uppercase!” Sooo cute!

Her name is now proudly displayed on her bedroom wall.

Kids love seeing their name. It makes them feel super special, and it’s a timeless gift they’ll always enjoy!

Names have power.

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